Frequently Asked Questions

This is what we’ll require to work with you to run paid Facebook and/or Instagram ads for you:

  1. You must have an existing Facebook Page/ Instagram Profile and Ad Account.
  2. Your Facebook Page/ Instagram Profile and Ad Account must be connected to a Business Manager.
  3. Your payment details must be connected to your Ad Account (so the ads can be paid for straight to Facebook).
  4. You must provide SWARM access to your Business Manager that’s connected to your Facebook Page and Ad Account.
  5. A Facebook Pixel will be created and inserted on your website to track the results of the ads.

Yes, you can still use all of our services. The only thing you would need to do is add us to your Business Manager (which again should be connected to your Facebook Page, Ad Account, Instagram and payment method).

Through Facebook Pixel, we will be able to keep track of everything, including the sales brought by our ads and your Return on Investment (ROI) from the ad spend.

We adapt our services to meet the needs of our clients and make sure that everything is within their budgets.

For the best results we recommend a starting budget of £1500 per month to invest in Facebook ads and then scale accordingly as you see results

 At a recommended starting budget of £1000 per month in Facebook ads, SWARM has a starting management fee of £600 per month and scales with our partners as we achieve results

Get in contact if you’d like to discuss your requirements – we always work to make something fit what you need


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