Olly Campbell, a tree surgeon from Ringwood, faced fog, thunder and a heatwave on Saturday to complete his fourth ultra marathon, running 100km in under 11 hours.

Whilst many took to the beach to cool off, Campbell undertook the gruelling challenge of the “Race to the Stones”, a 100km race along the Ridgeway, ending by Avebury Stones in Wiltshire.

As temperatures soared, and fog was replaced by thunder, Campbell completed the race non-stop in 10 hours 56 mins. The Race to the Stones is the fourth ultra marathon completed by Campbell, whose passion for the extreme sport started after he completed the marathon des sables, an infamous race of seven marathons in seven days across the Sahara desert.

Olly Campbell, ultra marathon competitor, comments:

“An ultra marathon is a challenge unlike anything else. The Ridgeway is an incredibly beautiful location, and an amazing place to be when pushing your physical capabilities to the max. I was absolutely over the moon to complete the race in under 11 hours. The weather definitely threw in some extra surprises, and despite the exhaustion, the feeling of crossing the finishing line was well worth it all.”

Olly Whittle, BeBirBal sponsor of Olly Campbell, comments:

“The endurance of the competitors taking part in ultra marathons is incredible to watch. Olly Campbell has completed an event that once again proves just what he is capable of, and we were delighted to sponsor him for this event. We can’t wait to see what he chooses for his next challenge.”