So here’s the background: my brother’s Polish girlfriend returned to the UK from Poland on a RyanAir flight. she landed in stanstead, 150  miles from where we live in Bournemouth and during her coach trip back to the south coast she realised she’d picked up the wrong bag. She immediately tried to ring RyanAir and Stanstead but neither picked up and she returned home without her luggage but with someone else’s instead.

I knew RyanAir had recently joined Twitter so I thought it’d be a great way to contact them and help her out. I was pleasantly surprised that when i sent a tweet they replied relatively quickly and asked to DM eachother to collect the reference number and further info and here’s what happened:

This was one of my favourite bits- come to the airport and use a telephone on the wall as though it was the bat phone.

You could just imagine travelling all that way and finding everyone was out and there was no answer! It goes on:

There was 9 days between them saying they’d get back to me and having to chase for an update. and when I do ask, they’ve

unfollowed me and we have to start all over again as they’ve lost our DM history! Here we go again:

Of course there was no word on Tuesday

How amazingly cheeky is that- having said it looks as though the other passenger has stolen our luggage RyanAir then says we are equally guilty!


And there it ended. 17 days after my first message I was sent to a link to fill out a form. Of which I got this email through- bearing in mind the luggage had a few items of clothes in it (we opened the luggage to look for contact details of the passenger), a pack os sausages, a box of crackers and one condom (I’m not joking!). Apparently RyanAir have tried to contact the passenger who has already returned to Poland but she is not picking up her phone or replying to emails. So RyanAir were kinf enough to finish the conversation with this email

That’s going to cost £30 to return their luggage to Stanstead who seem totally disinterested in collecting their lost bag. So where do you stand on this? What would you do? We’ve lost our luggage that had clothes, jewellery and personal items and have tried to get assistance from RyanAir who have doen very little and have in our possession a bag that has sausages, crackers and a condom in and they have made no attempt to report their loss. Its possible that they don’t even have our bag and it could be in Stannstead somewhere, but still you’d expect the other passenger to have asked where their bag was?

How would you deal with this?