It feels like 6 seconds ago that vine was launched (get it!?) but it was last January.

Things have certainly moved at warp speed for Colin Kroll and his co-founders. They started their company in June 2012. Three months later it was acquired by Twitter and a year ago today the Vine app was launched amidst much hoopla.

Now, 365 days, millions of Vine videos and at least 40 million users later, Vine is a social platform unto itself, albeit with very strong ties to parent Twitter.

Forty million people use Vine. That’s less than one-fourth of those on parent platform Twitter.

Some DO’s and DONTS on Vine

DO remember it’s only six seconds . . .

. . . so DONT try to cram too much in!

DO make use of stop-motion for some cool effects.

DONT forget to use hashtags so others can find your video.

DO involve your fans–Vine is great for collaboration and interaction.

DONT post it until you’re happy. It’s too late for edits once it’s out there.

DO share it as widely as possible–Vine is meant for sharing!

Are you using Vine for your business and do you enjoy the app?