You know the drill — new year, new start. You may be planning to slim down, give up that bad habit or get your life in order in some way. But have you given any thought to your social media resolutions?

Take a look at our suggestions below. Have your own suggestions- add them in the comment section below

1. We think it’s fair to say that we’re all fed up with looking at what everyone else is eating for lunch. Although it’s oh-so-tempting to Instagram every single morsel that passes your lips, we suggest setting a #foodporn benchmark and stick to it.

If you’re going to do it- use foodspotting

2. Check Before You Share

Misinformation has played a big part in major events in 2013, especially those first reported on social media sites. Before you blindly forward, retweet or share what appears to be breaking news — or even vital PSAs — hold back until you get verification.

3. be more positive

With social networks only a touchscreen swipe away, it’s tempting to use such platforms to speak your mind on minor annoyances, but we should all think twice about posting negative comments and updates.

4. Increase Your Privacy Know-How

Managing your privacy settings, levels and permissions on social networks is extremely important. In terms of the networks themselves, it saves you from sharing content you don’t want to make public.

5. Stop Obsessing About Numbers

Your follower or friend count is just a number. It doesn’t define you, it doesn’t change you in any way and, realistically, it means nothing in the wider world.