Will Vid-stagram kill Twitter’s video baby? Can the underdog Vine still grow after the 130-million-user behemoth Instagram lumbers into video sharing?

Instagram flipping the video switch gives it instant scale, a terrifying prospect for the fledgling Vine. Facebook did say that users uploaded quite a bit of video in the first 24 hours after release. Not to mention you don’t need to download another app to use video on Instagram.

And it is entirely possible that some key Vine users — the most popular people using the service — may have stopped using Vine for a bit, potentially explaining the first graph’s dip. That wouldn’t be good news for Twitter and Vine, both services that rely on the most popular users and celebrities to drum up fun, engaging content in order to rile up the rest of the community.

Here’s my point: From the data available, we just don’t know who’s “winning” quite yet.