“We couldn’t imagine Wimborne without the ‘Folkie'”, says Mike Carhart-Harris, part of the team which is reviving the Dorset town’s annual folk festival.

The music and dance event had been running since 1980, but in August the couple who ran it announced they were retiring due to financial reasons and the festival would end.

But a team of locals determined to organise a 2013 festival came together after a social media campaign.

A fundraising concert is the latest part of the efforts to ensure it happens.

A meeting was held in September to sound out if the goodwill towards the “Folkie” could be turned into a plan to revive the festival run by a new set of volunteers.

Planning a festival for up to 35,000 people in less than nine months would seem a daunting task. But with less than six months to go, a programme is in place and the show is going ahead from 7-9 June.