If we ever needed any additional proof that we are so reliant on the technology that we have in the modern world then a recent Sex and Social Media survey conducted by Cosmopolitan should provide it. Regardless of whether you are a technology evangelist or a total Luddite technophobe there can be no denying that the modern world is extremely reliant on things like the internet with mobile devices, computers and social media running through our daily existence. The Cosmopolitan survey seems to confirm that with a staggering 57 percent of women taking part in the survey claiming that they would rather give up the bedroom antics rather than lose access to the internet.

It appears that females have become so reliant and addicted to what’s going on in their virtual worlds that they would rather lose some of their real-world experiences rather than miss out on the latest happenings on Facebook or Twitter. The survey saw 1,020 women taking part with the ultimate aim to try and gauge just how big an impact the online world is having on real-life relationships and friendships and their sex lives.

57 percent of women preferring online chat to real-life intimacy is bad enough, but the survey also reveals that 21 of those women polled also admitted to disengaged from the act of coitus to check their Facebook account or send out a quick cheeky tweet to their followers. With that said, it is also evident that technology and internet access isn’t bring all relationships to a damning end with approximately 66 percent, or 680, of the women involved saying that they have used the internet and their mobile devices to send risqué snaps of themselves to their partners.

Checking Facebook or Twitter in those intimate moments may be a little insensitive but it can hardly be classed as the world’s worst crime, but with that in mind it is worth remembering that with great internet power comes great responsibility and it seems that one in six of those women who embarked on an affair thanks to social media. Forty percent claimed that flirtation had happened over a social media site with a person who wasn’t their husband or boyfriend with 170 of those women involved saying it went further.

The internet, social media and technology in general may be affecting our lives in extremely positive ways and making the world a much smaller and more connected place to live but it is also evident that it can easily detract from living in the real-world and cause some extremely serious relationship issues.