It is no surprise that the high-level Social Media search traffic is focused on advertising and marketing needs. With a combination of a little over three million searches a month, the Marketing/Advertising search traffic is overshadowed by the ten million informational searches that sometimes ask questions, but are mostly vague in nature.

This analysis of AdWords data suggests that business people are really still trying to learn and sort out what Social Media is all about. But when you look specifically at user intent, you can plainly see what aspects are important to them. Consider the intent in following categories of behavior.

Behavioral Highlights

  • There are 24 queries with 66K monthly searches that deal with learning about Social Media. These are not about reading primers – they are about attending educational classes.
  • There are 19 queries with 96K monthly searches concerning How To. These are searches for guides, tips and best practices.
  • There are 14 queries with 67K monthly searches asking questions about the What and Why of social media. Consumers are asking very direct, and easy to answer questions.
  • There are 42K searches each month by consumers asking for a definition of social media.
  • There are 22 queries with 80K monthly searches that are all about research. The interest is studies, reports and trends. These consumers are in serious research mode.
  • There are 16 queries with 49K monthly searches about social media policy and governance.
  • To complement the research category there are 16 queries with 39K monthly searches about finding statistics.
  • There are 22 queries with 94K searches about managing and monitoring requirements for communities.
  • There are 47 queries with 148K monthly searches about social media strategy and planning.
  • There are 14 queries with 59K searches that are about optimizing (SEO) for social media.