Instagram, the popular mobile app by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, has been gaining a lot of attention, especially since Facebook’s $1 Billion recent acquisition.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free and fun way to share your life with family and friends through a series of edited photographs. Each picture is taken through your smartphone and then filtered through several custom filters. You can choose to take a photograph through the app or select one from your library. Once your image is captured and enhanced, it is ready to share with the world.

How can it help my small business?

Instagram allows its 14 million users to edit and post digital photographs, and where do they all go?  Mostly to one of their social networks. Join the bandwagon and use Instagram to your advantage. Here are tips on how to enhance your marketing strategies and brand identity…

  •  Connect with your customers. Let’s face it, Instagram is cool. It’s a fun and creative experience for users and has gained a large, loyal following. When you use it, it says the same about your small business, which also makes this a good branding incentive. Use Instagram to reflect your brand identity by using one of its custom filters, whichever your creative direction may be.
  • Increase customer interaction at no cost. Small businesses are on a budget and are always finding marketing strategies at low costs. This application is free. Small businesses have the window to showcase their brand identity, authenticity, and expression without spending a dime. You don’t need fancy photographs, but you do need visually appealing photographs.
  •  Publish fun photographs.  A large part of branding is telling a story without words, and as entrepreneurs, you already have an eye for aesthetics. Claim your brand with Intagram photos and post fun and attractive images of the workplace lifestyle to exemplify the brand’s foundation and gain a following. One away to promote your products/services is by creating albums. This will help you showcase your small business’ individual product/service further.
  • Fill any voids. Storing and sharing photos is important for your social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.  This application is a free way to promote your business, target and extend your niche reach, and gain following. You can do all this with Instagram without stepping out of your comfort zone.

We hope this helps you capture the underlining benefits of Instagram for your small businesses. Perhaps, use Instagram’s success story as a module for your own business strategies. As a final thought, we’d like to enlighten you with one more tidbit—when choosing your Instagram username, use a name that is clear and reflects your company brand. This will increase your Internet marketing (including SEO) and brand identity.