A recent poll quizzed 258 small businesses on what they would do with an unlimited budget so they could outsource anything they chose. The result was:

Social media- 28.57%
Other- 25.11%
Public relations- 19.91%
Sales- 16.45%
Customer service- 9.96%

Why is social media considered such an inconvenience? Here are some bullet points:

Its not believed to be important enough to engage an entrepreneurs attention
Will it still be successful in ten years time?
Will it become commercialized too quickly?
Small businesses don’t know what strategy to follow
How do they get a ROI
Entrepreneurs are frightened of social media
Facebook and Twitter is so young that people are still finding their way!

But companies need to embrace social media and quickly- before they get left behind by competitors and start up companies. The opportunities are vast and highly promising.